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Discover and understand your target assets
before you plan your cloud migration
Cloud Analysis with StratoProbe®

Any cloud adoption, expansion, or refresh strategy will fall short of achieving the desired results if the strategy is not based on solid analytics and source-data. StratoProbe® delivers the tools and features that allow IT organizations, resellers, and cloud providers to quickly and efficiently discover, analyze, and manipulate information relating to physical or virtual workloads.

StratoProbe® can be deployed with a 3-smp_holder process and is designed from the ground up to be less intrusive than any comparable tools on the market. Discovery of assets can be done within multiple environments including in-house, hosted, co-located, or cloud platforms with consolidated, single-pane-of-glass reporting and analytics. Customers, resellers and cloud providers can use StratoProbe® to get a comprehensive view into target assets that are part of a cloud enablement or migration plan.

Key features of StratoProbe® include:

Once target-workload information is available within StratoProbe,® any of the application and workload analytics features can be used together or independently to analyze, group, and track capacity, performance, and elasticity for cloud migration. Customers, resellers, and cloud providers can select best-fit offerings based on multi-layered requirements established by workload owners.

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