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Achieve IT and Procurement approved cloud with the
next-generation brokerage and sourcing platform
Buying for Cloud with StratoBazaar®

Customers and resellers are faced with the daunting task of sifting through hundreds of cloud services providers and auxiliary vendors to find the best fit and lowest price. This effort is typically fraught with inaccurate information and a lack of apples-to-apples comparison.    StratoBazaar® takes the guesswork out of finding the best fit for your target workloads.

Powered by our proprietary price and feature normalization engine,  StratoBazaar® delivers real time cost-and-feature comparisons taking into consideration not just capacity and elasticity requirements, but over 25 requirement groups. Unlike most cloud services brokers, we rely on real-time pricing data that is interfaced or input by vendors.

StratoBazaar® features a full procurement workflow engine with RFX capability, contract language management, and approval processing. This allows IT Managers to collaboratively design and compare cloud services while being able to route the purchasing process through procurement personnel, business unit leaders, and anyone else required to approve the purchase of cloud services. Once a user has down-selected one or more best-fit vendors, the requirements and estimated costing are processed into one or more order, or turned into a full RFX for vendor response.

The powerful features within StratoBazaar® allow customers and resellers to not only create realistic cloud services purchase plans based on real-time target workload data, but also to procure these services at the lowest possible pricing.   StratoBazaar® can integrate with a customer’s in-house procurement and approval workflow system in addition to providing a full notification engine for users.

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