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Comprehensive Solutions for Customers

StratoZone® delivers a powerful cloud services automation suite for ITaaS and multi-cloud adoption. Encompassing all of the necessary automation functionality, the suite consists of seven primary platforms, all seamlessly integrated into a single SaaS platform. StratoZone® arms customers with the following powerful features to help control and harness their cloud adoption and migration process:

The platform provides customers a comprehensive solution that delivers consistency and enhances the cloud adoption, management, and migration process.

With no software to install or assets to provision, customers, resellers and cloud providers can get started using the platform within minutes.   StratoZone® allows users to achieve a truly functional cloud adoption, migration, and management process including planning, design, brokerage, procurement, migration, management, and the ability to integrate and secure assets located in multiple environments. This gives IT Managers a comprehensive, low-cost adoption and migration option while providing visibility, manageability, and control across multiple best-fit ITaaS vendor offerings.

Most cloud-enablement, brokerage, and migration solutions available to customers today are limited in their features and create isolated silos of information that fail to span other required functions in the cloud adoption process. This results in multiple toolsets, increased risk, and an overall expensive endeavor. StratoZone® was designed from the ground up to be end-to-end, presenting a singular collaborative experience to customers, resellers, cloud providers, and systems integrators.

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