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Achieve seamless information flow
between your clouds and your in house assets
Cloud Integration with StratoMatrix®

It is critical to IT Managers that the inclusion of 3rd party cloud capacity into enterprise IT roadmap does not result in the loss of visibility and reporting of public cloud assets. StratoMatrix® delivers an easily configurable SaaS platform that controls the integration of critical workload data from multiple clouds into your existing or planned IT Management Systems (ex: SM, Ticketing, CMDB, and Performance Management). StratoMatrix® also allows organizations to integrate the StratoBase® management platform with your in-house ITSM solutions.

IT Managers are concerned with building application and workload silos in the cloud that don’t integrate with the rest of their IT infrastructure management and reporting systems. The long-term advantage of cloud-adoption is heavilly dependent on how well organizations can integrate assets, regardless of location. StratoMatrix® addresses this integration challenge with a portfolio of tools and functionality to address multi-cloud integration.

With point-and-click ease, users can select source and target systems, as well as integration frameworks, to transmit critical information between systems. This capability removes the blindfolds that are typically worn by IT Managers after the deployment of cloud assets. Integration data can include inventory, performance, billing, credentialing and any other dataset from commonly supported systems.

StratoMatrix® avoids the need for complex interface development by IT organizations, including the need to launch development projects for multiple cloud-provider API’s. Currently supporting most Tier-1 public cloud environments, the StratoZone team can deploy custom integration on an as-needed basis to support participating cloud-providers.

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