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Experience a single platform for provisioning, management, and monitoring in multiple clouds
Cloud Management with StratoBase®

Customers who move their IT assets to the cloud today are faced with the challenges of managing assets using a common interface for provisioning, management, and reporting. This problem is further exasperated when a customer has to use multiple cloud providers. The net result is a hesitation to fully adopt and tap the potential of the cloud.

StratoBase® provides a powerful multi-cloud orchestration and reporting engine. With a single interface and credentials, IT personnel, business unit users, and support partners can access, provision, manage, and report on a customer’s assets in multiple cloud environments. This capability removes the lack of visibility through single-pane-of-glass control and monitoring. Some of the key StratoBase® features include:

Customer IT departments can establish an IT and purchasing-approved catalog of cloud services that is subject to approval rules and policies, which can be used by the entire organization. StratoBase® allows users to leverage a robust set of enterprise-IT workflows that have been proven within Fortune 500 IT organizations. This capability drastically reduces the amount of time required to roll out enterprise-wide cloud orchestration under complex scenarios

StratoBase® allows IT Managers to release their IT capacity consumers into the public domain cloud in a controlled and approved manner, thereby reducing shadow-IT and cloud sprawl. With role and hierarchy based user management, permissions and control become easy to deploy and manage.

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