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Automated, low cost, turnkey migrations
fully backed by our GlobalGridTM services team
Cloud Migration with StratoBeam®

Customers, cloud providers, and system integrators are under pressure to migrate workloads to the cloud and from cloud-to-cloud in a cost-effective and expedited manner. StratoBeam® delivers a powerful and comprehensive multi-cloud migration platform that allows users to accelerate their cloud migrations while creating minimal disruption for workload-owners and business-units.

Covering all aspects of migrations from architecting, planning, scheduling, executing, and managing services, StratoBeam® is designed to achieve rapid, low-cost cloud migrations. The solution is designed from the ground up to be deployed quickly, scale in accordance with customer requirements, and to be embedded through the services framework of the target Cloud Provider, if required.

StratoBeam® is based on technology that has been field tested for over five years, primarily in Global-1000 IT environments. The success of the platform solution stems from the solution’s assets, which include the tools, methodologies, workflows, and smart-replication, designed to deliver cloud migration and consolidation that can rapidly scale from a few hundred to thousands of workloads globally.

Finally, the StratoZone team understands that complex workload migrations might not be achievable by the simple click of a button. As such, customers are provided with the backing of an experienced 24x7x365 migration services team to deliver assisted migrations where necessary. The cost of these services are typically included at a fixed price, thereby avoiding the need for expensive 3rd party professional services. Services capabilities include:

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