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Adopt the cloud with intelligent,
data-driven planning and roadmaps
Cloud Planning with StratoSlate®

Most cloud-migration and adoption strategies fall short of containing a comprehensive plan with a clear roadmap. Many organizations approach cloud-adoption in a piecemeal manner without the big picture in perspective. This results in the inability to capitalize on the cost-savings offered by ITaaS, as well as uncontrolled cloud-sprawl with limited visibility to IT Management.

StratoSlate® delivers a powerful cloud design, enablement, and migration platform that allows users to create a meaningful and phased roadmap for the migration of their IT assets to the cloud. Unlike most cloud-planning tools that work with t-shirt sizes or packages, StratoSlate® relies on real workload data gathered by the StratoProbe® engine to create a best-fit match for target assets. Based on the premise that every workload or group has it's own unique characteristics, specifications, and add-on requirements, StratoSlate® allows users to create unique or template-driven requirements that cover over 25 requirement categories from basic capacity to SLAs and managed services requirements.

Workloads are then prioritized by users, based on one of several criteria to create a phased cloud migration roadmap that has inherent clarity around requirements, costing, scheduling, and selected vendors. Once a digital roadmap has been created, it can be forwarded to any members of the customer, vendor or reseller organization, processed as an order, or turned into a full-featured RFX with the addition of legal language by the procurement team.

Cloud planning and migration roadmaps can be built collaboratively by any number of authorized users who may be invited to participate, including customer, reseller, or cloud provider personnel. The resulting collaborative roadmap is more realistic, reducing acquisition cost by controlling overbuy and pricing terms.

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