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Accelerate your cloud reselling business and increase your value-added cloud mojo
Robust Solutions for Resellers

Value added resellers and distributors face a significant challenge today to keep up with the shift from traditional datacenter products to incorporating cloud solutions into the mix. StratoZone® offers resellers a robust platform to differentiate their services via brokerage-driven relationships with cloud providers. This is in addition to the power toolset offered by the StratoZone® platform to accelerate the value-added aspect of a reseller’s customer relationship.

The StratoZone® platform offers resellers a low-cost and turnkey cloud service brokerage platform that can be white-labeled and customized. With minimal startup costs, resellers can spin-up their customer’s use of the StratoZone® suite in a matter of minutes. Delivered as SaaS, there are no license fees and usage is on a pay-as-you-go basis. Some of the features that resellers can sponsor for their customers include:

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