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Reduce your security and
compliance exposure in the cloud
Cloud Security with StratoGuard®

Cloud security is often cited as the number one concern for CIO’s and IT Managers. Any cloud-adoption strategy must give the appropriate attention to this area. StratoGuard® allows organizations to assess a vendor's overall security capabilities prior to selecting a vendor. However more importantly, it provides ongoing security and vulnerability monitoring. Using a single-pane-of-glass, customers can monitor their security and vulnerability across multiple clouds in global locations.

During the sourcing process, StratoGuard® offers a workload and security rating analysis which helps organizations evaluate risks when working with cloud providers. Upon initiation of cloud-hosted workload operations, StratoGuard® provides constant security, vulnerability, and assurance scoring. This provides IT Managers with an independent view of multiple cloud providers who may deliver multiple security and hardening options.

Today, organizations have hundreds of business partners with whom they share sensitive data. This exposes them to the risk of a breach through a partner network. According to BitSight, third-party breaches are the cause of a staggering amount of cyberattacks, and there is currently no objective method of keeping track of the security risks that partners pose.

StratoGuard® is integrated with the StratoZone® product suite in a manner that allows all updates and changes to propagate across the security framework. For example, if a change is made to a workload configuration using StratoBase,® the resulting security or vulnerability alerts are processed in real time by StratoGuard.® This deep integration empowers organizations to proactively identify, quantify, and mitigate security risks throughout their multi-cloud ecosystems.

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