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Company Overview
Our head in the cloud and our feet on the ground
Company Overview

StratoZone® is the most powerful cloud services automation suite for ITaaS and multi-cloud adoption, enablement, migration and management. The platform provides customers, resellers, and cloud providers a comprehensive solution that delivers consistency and enhances the cloud-adoption process.

The StratoZone® platform is comprised of multiple applications delivered seamlessly as a SaaS offering. With no software to install or assets to provision, customers, resellers and cloud providers can get started using the platform within minutes. StratoZone® allows users to achieve a truly functional cloud adoption, migration, and management process including planning, design, brokerage, procurement, migration, management, and the ability to integrate and secure assets located in multiple environments. This gives IT Managers a comprehensive, low-cost adoption and migration option while providing visibility, manageability, and control across multiple best-fit ITaaS vendor offerings.

StratoZone® was founded in 2012 with the vision of filling the market gap for a comprehensive cloud services automation suite using field-proven technologies. The founders’ vision was contrary to that of most piecemeal solutions available to customers today. Integrating the planning, brokerage, migration and multi-cloud management was envisioned as the minimum amount of functionality required in a single automation suite to ensure the success of the cloud adoption effort. Anything less would deliver a disjointed and expensive process to IT Managers looking to adopt and migrate to cloud environments.

StratoZone® is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and is managed, developed, and supported by a 100% US-based team.

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